Wellness is absolutely NOT one size fits all

Wellness is absolutely NOT one size fits all


I am a firm believer in checking in with myself every 3 months. I ask myself, “How is it going? How am I feeling? Do I want to change the physical activities I am engaged and participating in? Which foods are going to be in season soon that I want to be eating? What are my labs saying about my supplement regimen? Do I need to fine-tune anything? What other lifestyle modifications do I want to adopt? Is it time to take a break from ____?”

It’s always a good time to review what you are doing if what you are doing is not working. I believe that your health and wellness approach and plan are definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all.

Understanding Personalized Healthcare

Personalized healthcare, also called personalized medicine, individualized or precision medicine, is an evolving field in which doctors use diagnostic tests to determine which medical approaches and treatments will work best for each person. By combining the data from those tests with an individual’s medical history, circumstances, and values, healthcare providers like myself,  can develop targeted treatment and prevention plans. I love to value what we can measure, but I also value what we cannot measure and that is the gift I bring to my patients. Also, western doctors are not educated on supplements and are certainly not Licensed Herbalists. It is important to understand this when you are asking your doctor about supplements and herbs and if they are ok to take.

Thanks to this individualized healthcare approach, I can design a treatment plan specific to your gender, age, medical history, and other individual factors. I believe this approach to be essential to one’s well-being. In the past (or some doctors in the present) focus on symptoms and disease progression. All of us want root management, not symptom management.

Using Wearable  Technology

Traditional health assessments require in-clinic visits, with bio-signals measured by professionals using specialized devices. I can practice remote medicine through lab testing, genetic testing, zoom, email, phone, and messaging applications. You can wear digital devices to monitor many biomarkers I want the information for. It’s almost instant biofeedback and I am able to take that data into account to design and modify your wellness plan.

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