Autumn Equinox Event

Autumn Equinox Event

Thursday, September 21, 2023

We will gather in person at Black’s Beach, which is located at the end of 14th Avenue in Santa Cruz. Please give yourself enough time to park and walk as there is limited parking on 14th avenue. We will gather down on the beach towards the left. 

We are asking only $33 for this experience.

About the experience:

We are excited to be bringing you a first event of this kind for the Autumn Equinox. We will host a connection circle to drop in and give everyone a chance to share (optional), Chris will lead us in some Breathwork, Dr. LeTa will lead a Qigong set specifically for the Autumn, we will facilitate a burning bowl ceremony where you will get the opportunity to write down what you are letting go of and watch it burn in the fire and lastly we will have some music and time to connect. 

Microdosing is taking a sub-perceptual amount of psychoactive mushroom or plant to bring a connection within to your heart and yourself. This can be a great addition to this experience and we welcome you to partake in this.

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