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Welcome to a paradigm-shifting approach to healthcare. 

I treat the body as a self-healing organism and believe restoring balance is the source of wellbeing.






My goal is to provide support in opening up pathways for healing and freedom.

Through helping my patients through many journeys, I have learned that healing comes from your ability to listen and connect with your body’s wisdom and the willingness to take the time to interpret and change behavior. 

With the assist of myself and the other professionals I work with, products, other services and even technology, you can change your habits into a way of being that truly creates vibrancy.

Explore my in-person and online healthcare options that guide you in reconnecting with nature and your intrinsic ability to heal.


Santa Cruz, California

I take an individualized approach to healthcare, empowering you to reconnect with your most vibrant and alive self. Wherever you are on life’s journey, I meet you there. I spend time getting to know you and your individual needs by uniting medical science and holistic therapies. Doing so allows for an empowering experience for you to reconnect with your true nature and your body’s natural state of harmony.

• Integrative and holistic consultations

• Optional BioImpedance phase angle, body and hydration measurements

 Optional lab and genetic tests with recommendations

• Personalized analysis of lifestyle and treatment recommendations

• Herbal Medicine, Supplement, Food & Self-Care Recommendations

• Individualized referrals to other practitioners for adjunct approach

 Chinese Medicine hands-on modalities

 Qi Gong / Embodiment Moving Meditation Practice at the beach

  VIP Mentorship

  1-on-1, Couples or small group Plant Medicine Healing

  Plant Medicine Retreats

• Five Element Retreats

Chinese tea ceremony, Filling the tea bowl with tea


I offer all services remotely, except Acupuncture, for obvious reasons.

You may see a list of services below. You may also embark on a revolutionary 4 or 8-week personal health transformation journey with me. In this course, we approach health from Nature’s perspective —a template for life that is full of complexity, biodiversity, and abundance. Are you ready to uncover what optimal health looks like for you? Here is your opportunity. Learn more about my Start With Yourself program and see if it’s a great fit for you.

• Tele-health through phone and/or video conferencing

• Online Qi Gong classes live + replay

New Moon Tea Club

• Start With Yourself 8-week Program

• Start With Yourself 4-week Program

• Online Courses – a variety of topics

• VIP Mentorship

An upgraded
way of being is here.

We have never seen so many people experience chronic disease. There is a health crisis alongside our disconnection with nature, our broken medical system, how unsupported people feel from governments and the future looks pretty unsustainable. However at the same time I have never been more optimistic about our opportunity to transform human health, to move into a global community of shared resources and sustainable practices. Since entering the medical realm over 20 years ago, I have had many stages of my private practice and how I view medicine and how I view what health really is and it is profoundly simple: the power that made the body can heal the body and our bodies are designed to be resilient! Regardless of how desperate or fear-ridden our current public health appears, there is hope for each one of us and my hope is that YOU start with yourself.

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All appointments (except for Acupuncture, for obvious reasons) can be with Dr. LeTa through Zoom online, if you so choose.

You can schedule time with Dr. LeTa below for ANY services you are interested in getting support with. 

Clinic Address: 3335 Mission Drive, Santa Cruz, CA 95065