Santa Cruz Biocharger Experience

Come join Dr. LeTa and Amber for Biocharger Healing Experiences in a small group setting at their clinic in Santa Cruz. A unique opportunity to upgrade your Spark!

Heal, Connect & Recharge Friendship, Community & Insight

About the Biocharger

The BioCharger NG utilizes four different energy types – Light, Voltage, Frequencies & Harmonics, and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs).  The BioCharger NG is a health optimization platform designed to transmit energy that stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance.   The BioCharger NG is a combination of outside energy sources that replicate, optimize, and amplify nature’s energies.  These transmitted energies have been proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination, and mental clarity. 

About the programs

We will be running 1-2 programs each session. 

We are starting out with a program or combination of programs that reduce inflammation. And then we found that those who experiene the other programs we have chosen have had great benefit. We will be changing the programs each month.

*For those who may have a diagnosis, please ask us about our 1-on-1 Biocharger sessions and specific programs that we can run based on your indiviudal needs. Scroll below to see our list of programs.


Current Schedule:

Mondays 1 p.m

Thursdays 6 p.m


Dates to be Added based on Demand:

Tuesdays 1 p.m.

Wednesdays 6 p.m.

What to bring

1. You can wear anything you wish, nothing special is needed.

2. If you bring your water bottle, the Biocharger will also charge your water.

3. Some like to journal or read, others like to sit and meditate. Feel free to bring whatever it is that you wish to bring.

4. Some like to wear sunglasses when sitting quietly with their eyes closed as sometimes there is a flickering light.

What to expect

The programs we have selected;

Brief introduction of the machine;

Overview of the programs we will run;

Some may feel immediate effects and others it may be more subtle;

Programs vary in length, please arrive on time and expect to be there for 45-60 minutes;

Because we are hosting small groups, many meet new friends and enjoy being a part of our community and making new connections.

limited to 8 individuals

We wanted to create a more intimate setting and are limiting this to 8 people per session. 



Your first experience with the Biocharger is offered at just $24.


You are more than welcome to do drop-ins anytime.


This is for a 10-Session Punch Card, good for 90-days.

Previous attendees of the Biocharger shared this:

“This extraordinary machine, I truly believe, is a big reason why I am here today! It’s helped me lower my anxiety, build up my immune system and sleep better!”

Siri Lindley, triathlon coach and former professional triathlete

“I can’t put into words what this machine is, but sititng in front of it has helped me with my depression without taking a medication. I am so grateful. Just wow.”

Christine K., Mom of 2, Watsonville

How This Works

Buy the best option for you below. You will be taken to a payment page to finalize your order.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to then schedule your Biocharger Session(s). 

Our system will send you an email and/or text reminder for your appointment(s). Please look for the link in the appointment confirmation email so you can sign our online consent form.

Put your date(s) in your calendar, bring water, show up on time and be ready to experience the Biocharger..


Please choose the option that best suits your health and happiness. We look forward to having you in our center!


First Timer




10-Session Pass


Congratulations on Investing in your Health!

For those interested in 1-on-1 sessions, please view our list of programs.

Pricing for 1-on-1’s is $97 (Normally $147). If interested, please text 831-222-0189 to schedule.

10K Run
10K Sweep
466 Autochannel
467 Autochannel
5 Hour Energy
5 Hour Energy 20
5 Hour Energy 30
693 Auto Channel
Abdominal Support ACG
Abundance 10
Actinomyces Support
Addiction Assist
Aden Support ACG
Adenovirus Support
Adiposis Dolorosa Support
Adren 30
AFib Assist
Afungusamongus 13
Afungusamongus 30
Allergy and Fibromyalgia Assist
Allergy Assist
Alopecia Assist
Alpha Beta 1pct Duty Cycle
Alpha Beta Hybrid Sweep
Alpha Beta Sweep
Alpha Gal
Alpha Wave
Als Hammer
ALS Support
Amoebas Support
Ana Plasma
Ana Plasma 22
Anaphylaxis Assist
Anemia Sickle Cell Assist
Anemia Support
Aneurysm Assist
Aneurysm Assist Cerebral
Angioedema Support
Ankylosing Spondylitis Support
Anthrax Support
Antiseptic Specific
Antiseptic Specific Sweep
Antiseptic Sweep
Anus Discomfort Support
Anxiety Support
Anxiety Support 10
Anxiety Support 33
Aortic Anew
Appendix Support
Arterial Assist
Arthritis Support
Ascites Assist
Asthma Assist
Astigmatism Support
Astrocytoma Assist
Astrocytoma Giant Cell Support
Ataxia Cerebellar 3 Assist
Ataxia Cerebellar Assist
Ataxia Support
Athletes Foot Support
Athletic Recovery
Athletic Recovery 30
Athletic Recovery OS
Aura Cleanse
Aura Cleanse 8
Aureus Support
Autoimmune Support
Autoimmune Support 10
Autoimmune Support 30
Autoimmune Support 5
Autonomic Balance
Babesia Support
Baby Sia
Bacillus Assist
Bart N Ella
Basal Support
Bells Palsy Support
Bergers Kidney Support
Beta Wave
Bile Support
Biliary Support
BioCharger NG Demo
Biofilm 30
Biofilm Support
Biohacker Bone
Biohacker Detox
Biohacker Energy
Biohacker Meditate
Biohacker Mental Clarity
Biohacker Mental Health
Biohacker Recovery
Biohacker Sleep
Bipolar Assist
Black Mold
Bladder Support
Blastocystis Support
Blood Sugar
Bone and Joint Health
Bone Fusion Cervical Hybrid
Bone Fusion Inflammation Hybrid
Bone Health
Bone Marrow Support
Bone Regeneration Assist
Bone Regeneration Assist 10
Bone Spur Assist
Bone Strength
Bone Support
Bone Support 10
Bone Support ACG
Bones of Steel
Borna Support
Borna Support 30
Bouncing Ball
Bouncing Ball 11
Bouncing Ball 20
Bovine Sweep
Brachial Plexus Assist
Brain Activation 40Hz
Brain Activation 40Hz 30
Brain Support Astroturf
Brain Support GB
Brain Tonic
Brain Wave Activation 10 Minutes
Brain Wave Low Duty Cycle
Breast Cyst Support
Breast Support ACG
Breathe Free
Bronchial Support
Brucella Support
Brucellosis Support
Bruise Support
Bruxism Support
Burn Support
Burning Mouth
Bursitis Support
C-diff Support
Calcium Metabolism Assist
Candida Parapsilosis Support
Candida Support
Candida Torulopsis Support
Candida Torulopsis Support 30
Candy A
Canine Cuddle
Canine Seizure Support
Canine Therapy ACG
Canine Wellness Full Spectrum
Cardio Stenosis Support
Cardio Support
Cardio Support – Clot
Cardio Support – T
Cardio Support 30
Cardio Tach Assist
Carotid Support
Carotid Support High Intensity
Carpal Tunnel
Cartilage Support
Cats Act
Cats are Actors
Celiac Support
Cellulitis Support
Central P Syndrome
Cerebral Palsy Assist
Cervical Support
Cervical Support ACG
Cervix Dysplasia Assist
CFS Support
CFS Support 30
Chagas Support
Chakra 1 – Root
Chakra 1 – Root Harmonics
Chakra 1-3
Chakra 2 – Sacral
Chakra 2 – Sacral Harmonics
Chakra 3 – Solar Plexus
Chakra 3 – Solar Plexus Harmonics
Chakra 4 – Heart
Chakra 4 – Heart Harmonics
Chakra 4-7
Chakra 5 – Throat
Chakra 5 – Throat Harmonics
Chakra 6 – Third Eye
Chakra 6 – Third Eye Harmonics
Chakra 7 – Crown
Chakra 7 – Crown Harmonics
Chakra Balancing
Chakra Harmonics
Chakra Low Power 30
Chemtrail Detox
Chiari Malformation Support
Chicken Pox
Circulatory Enhance
CircuStasis Support
Clearhead 7
Clearhead Cowboys
CMV Assist
CMV Assist 30
Cold Support 1
Cold Support 2
Colic Assist
Colitis Support
Colon Support
Colon Support 30
Colon Support ACG
Compound W
Congestive Cardio Support
Constant Craving
COPD Assist
Corneal Support
Cough Assist
Cowboy Up
Cowboys – Energy Boost
Cowboys – Overall Performance
Cowboys – Positive Feelings
Cowboys – Post Workout
Cowboys Bone Fusion
Coxsackie Support
Cranial Nerve Support
Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Cows
Crohns Support
Croup and Lung Support
Croup Support
Cryo Detox
Cryo Energy
Cryo Immune
Cryo Nervous System
Cryo Pain Relief
Cryo Recovery
Cryo Skin
Cryo Sleep
Cyst Support
CysticFibrosis – HD
CysticFibrosis – LD
Date With Detox
Deep Insight
Default 20
Dense Deposit Support
Dental Infection Assist
Dental Support
Depressive Disorder Support
Derma Support-S
Detox Whole Body
Diabetic Assist
Diarrhea Assist
Dientamoebiasis Assist
Disc Support
Disc Support 20
Dizzy Assist
DNA Coherence
Droopy Eyelid
Dry Eyes Support
Dupuytrens Contracture Assist
Dyslexia Support
Dyspareunia Support
E Coli Support
Ear Boost
Ear Clear
Earth Alpha Beta 45
Earth Pulse
Earth Pulse 30
Earth Pulse Low Power
EBV 13440
EBV 14078
EBV 14656
Eczema Support
Edema Support
Eds Staff
Ehlers-Danlos Support
EMF Balancing Support
Empty Sella Support
Enceph Support
Endocrine Balance
Endocrine Neoplasm
Endometrium Support
Endometroid Support
Energy – Pre Post Workout
Energy Centers
Energy Mind and Body
Energy Pre-Workout
Energy Strong
Energy Strong 10
Enterococcus Assist
Enterovirus Support
Epilepsy Assist
Epithelioid Sarcoma Support
Epstein Support
Epstein Support 30
Equine Laminitis Support
Esophageal Achalasia Assist
Esophagitis Support
Essential Tremor Support
Eye Mite Support
Eye of the Needle
Eye Stye Relief
Eye Support
Fallopian Support
Farsighted Eye Assist
Fascia Support
Fasciolopsis Buski
Fat Buster
Fat Buster 30
Fatty Liver Assist
Feline Support
Female Cramp Support
Female Strong
Female Support – PCOS
Fertility Assist
Fibonacci – Basic Progression
Fibonacci – Golden Ratio
Fibonacci 30
Fibonacci 369
Fibonacci Base 9
Flex Strong
Flex Strong 9
Flu Support
Food Sensitivity Support
FoodBorne Support
Frosty 15
Full Spectrum 10
Full Spectrum 6
Full Spectrum 8
Funky Robban
Gall Bladder Support
Gastritis Assist
Gastro Sluggish Support
Get The Edge
Get The Edge 12
Gift of Gratitude
Gifts of Spirit
Glandular Fever Assist
Glauc Om
Glioblastoma Support
Golden Ratio
Gonorrhea Support
Good Digestion
Good Digestion 30
Gout Support
Gram-Negative Bacterial Support
Granuloma Pseudopyogenic Support
Graves Support
Gregorian Chants
Gregorian Chants high duty cycle
Gregorian Grace
Grief Support
Ground Well
GvHD Support
H-Pylo Sweep
Hair Support
Hangover Recovery
Happy Days
Happy Days – Bone Fusion Hybrid
Happy Days 12
Harmonic 10
Harmonic 10 15
Harmonic 10000
Harmonic 100K-300K
Harmonic 110
Harmonic 111
Harmonic 125
Harmonic 13440
Harmonic 14-3
Harmonic 14078
Harmonic 1524
Harmonic 174
Harmonic 190
Harmonic 190 20
Harmonic 20
Harmonic 20727
Harmonic 285
Harmonic 30
Harmonic 300nm Conversion
Harmonic 30680-3
Harmonic 3080-3
Harmonic 311nm
Harmonic 32
Harmonic 32780
Harmonic 328
Harmonic 36
Harmonic 396
Harmonic 40
Harmonic 40 30
Harmonic 417
Harmonic 432
Harmonic 432 Extended
Harmonic 432 Low Duty Cycle
Harmonic 444
Harmonic 47
Harmonic 48880-3
Harmonic 49680-3
Harmonic 49990-3
Harmonic 50
Harmonic 50 Extended 20
Harmonic 512
Harmonic 528
Harmonic 528 15
Harmonic 528-1
Harmonic 528-2
Harmonic 528-4
Harmonic 528-741 Sweep
Harmonic 537
Harmonic 584
Harmonic 60
Harmonic 639
Harmonic 645
Harmonic 6680-3
Harmonic 727
Harmonic 728
Harmonic 741
Harmonic 75
Harmonic 770
Harmonic 787
Harmonic 800
Harmonic 852
Harmonic 880-12
Harmonic 880-2
Harmonic 880-3
Harmonic 880-4
Harmonic 880-8
Harmonic 963
Harmonic 9880-3
Harmonic 9980-3
Head Cold Support
Head Trauma Support 24
Health Skin
Heart Valve Support
Heartworm Set
Heavy 30
Helicobacter Support
Hemochromatosis Support
Hemolytic Anemia Assist
Hemophilia Support
Hemorrhagic Fever Support
Hemorrhoid Support
Hep A
Hep C Support
Her Peas
Her Plumbing
Hermangio Support ACG
Hernia Support
Herpes Simplex Support
HHV1 30
Hiatal Hernia Support
High End Sweep
High End Sweep Low Power
Higher Awareness
Higher Awareness 30
Hip Support
Hip Support 10
Hippel-Lindau Support
His Plumbing
Histamine Calm
HIV Assist
Hives Support
Hoarseness Support
Holiday Cheer
Holiday Recover
Hormonal Balance
Hot Flash Chiller
House of Shen
HPA Axis
HPT Axis
HPV Assist
Huntington Support
Hypercholestemia Support
Hyperpituitarism Assist
Hypoglycemia Assist
Hypotension Assist
Hypoxia Support
I Have Your Back
Immune Strong
Immune Strong 10
Immune Strong 30
Immune Support
Indigestion Support
Inflammation Autoimmune Support Hybrid
Inflammation Support
Inflammation Support 10
Inflammation Support 22
Inflammation Support 30
Influenza Support
Inner Ear Support
Insect Repel
Integrative Circulatory Lymphatic
Integrative Energy Clarity
Integrative Gut Health
Integrative Inflammation Support
Integrative Mental Health
Integrative Pain Relief
Integrative Parasite Detox
Integrative Performance and Recovery
Integrative Sleep
Intercostal N
Interstitial Cystitis Support
Intestinal Blockage Support
Intestinal Flora Support
Intestinal Neuronal Dysplasia Support
Intestinal Polyps Support
Intestinal Support
Intestinal Support 12

IV Detox
IV Energy
IV Gut Health
IV Hangover
IV Immune Strong
IV Inflammation Support
IV Longevity
IV PurifyRecover
IV Recovery
Jaundice Assist
Jet Lag Recovery
Jim Test New
Joint Support
Josh Test Recipe
K Complex Creativity
Kidney and Lymph Support
Kidney Beans
Kidney Cyst Support
Kidney Inflammation Support
Kidney Support
Kidney Support 30
Kidney Support ACG
Klebsiella Support
Knee Support
La Bouche
Lactation Support
Lactose Intolerance Assist
Langerhans Cell Support
Large Intestine Support
Lead Detox Assist
Leaky Gut
Leprosy Support
Leukemia Assist
Libido 10
Lice Support
Ligament Support
Light Shower
Like a Rolling Stone
Like an Elephant
Limitless 10
Limitless 30
Lipoma Support
Liposarcoma Support
Lite Sweep
Liver Support
Liver Cyst Support
Liver Fib
Liver Gallbladder Kidney Lymph Support
Liver Gallbladder Support
Liver Support 30
Liver Support ACG
Longevity 30
Love Well
Low End Sweep – Low Power
Luke Assist II
Luke Assist II 30
Lumbar Bone Fusion Hybrid
Lumbar Stress Assist
Lumbar Support
Lumbar Support 10
Lung Cyst Support
Lung Edema Assist
Lung Scar Support
Lung Support
Lung Support ACG
LupaLupa 15
Lymba Powerhouse
Lyme Full Spectrum
Lyme Full Spectrum 12
Lyme Full Spectrum 15
Lyme Full Spectrum Low Power
Lymeaide Bor
Lymph Cleanse
Lymph Liver Kidney Support
Lymph Support
Lymph Support 30
Lymph Support H
Lymphoma Support
Mac D Support
Male Strong
Male Support ED
Marfan Syndrome Assist
Mastitis Support
Mastocytosis Assist
Mastoiditis Assist
MD Support
Measles Vac Support
Measles Vac Support 13
Medium Range Sweep – Low Power
Mel Support ACG
Mellitus 1
Meniere Support
Menopausal Support
Mental Clarity
Mesothelium Support
Migraine Relief
Mike O Plasma
Mindfulness Breath Work
Mindfulness Focus
Mindfulness Grounding
Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness Nervous System
Mindfulness Pain Management
Mindfulness Recovery
Mindfulness Sleep
Mindfulness Stress Reduction
Mitochondrial Support
Mitochondrial Support 30
Mold Penicillium
Mold-Aspergillus Hybrid
Mole Assist
Molluscum Contagiosum Support
Mono Support
Moon Cycle
MorElla 1
Morgellon Cleanse
Morgellons Support
Mouth and Gum Support
Mouth and Gum Support Sweep
Mr Alert
MRSA Assist v1
Mucous Clear
Multi-Vac Toxin Support
Multiwave Sweep
Mumps Support
Mumps Vac Support
Muscle 30
Muscle Activation
Muscle Calm
Muscle Light
MVD Support
MVP Assist
Myasthenia Gravis Support
Myco 11040
Myco 11184
Myco 11392
Myco 13184
Myco Clear
Mycoplasma Assist
Mycoplasma Assist 2
Mycoplasma Assist 30
Mycoplasma Zalo Support
Mycoses Assist
Myeloma Support
Nagalase Frequencies
Nagalase Sweep
Nagalase Sweep 30
Nail Fungus Support
Narcolepsy Support
Nate Custom
Nausea Support
Navicular Support
Neck Support
Nephron Assist
Nerve Support
Nerve Support – BP
Neuro Relief
Neuromuscular Support
Neuromuscular Support 10
Neuromyelitis Optica
Neutropenia Support
New Monia
Nirvana 30
No Snore
NPH Support
Ocular Motility Support
OpticNerveAssist Low Power
Org Chondromalacia Patella
OV Assist
Ovarian Support ACG
Oxygenation Station
Oxygenation Station 10
Pain Support
Pancreas Support
Pancreas Support 30
Pancreas Support 7
Pancreas Support ACG
Pancreatic Insufficiency Support
PANS Support
Papilloma S
Paranasal Support ACG
Parasite – Ascaris
Parasite 1
Parasite 2
Parasite Support
Parasites Roundworm and Tapeworm
Parasympathetic Balance
Parathyroid Support
Park Support
Parkin Assist
Parvo Viral Support
Parvovirus B
Peanut Detox
Pelvic Support
PEMF High Intensity
Pericarditis Support
Peritonitis Support
Perthes Support
Pin Worm
Pin Worm Support
Pineal Experience
Pineal Experience 30
Pineal Mastery Experience
Pineal Mastery Experience 45
Pink Eye Support
Pituitary Balance
Pituitary Balance 20
Plantar Fasciitis Assist
Platelet Support
Polio Support
Polio Support 10
Polycythemia Vera Assist
Polymyositis Assist
POTS Syndrome Assist
Powassan Support
Power to Optimise
Preparation H E
Prion Support
Prosperous Vitality Meditation
Prostate Support
Prostate Support 30
Prostate Support ACG
Protozoan Infection Support
Pseudomonas Assist
Psoriasis Support
Psoriatic Joint Support
Psy Tones
Psych Support
PTSD Assist
PTSD Assist – no flash
Pulmonary Support
Pulmonary Support 9
PurifyRecover 12
PurifyRecover 22
PurifyRecover 30
PurifyRecover 5
Pythagorean 528
Radiation Burn Support
Radiation Recovery
Raisin Bran
Rash Support
Recovery – Surgery
Recovery Bone
Recovery Head Cloudiness
Recovery Joint Ligament Tendon
Recovery Muscular
Recovery Relief
Rectal Support ACG
Rectal Support ACG 30
Red Bull Focus
Reflux Support
Relax Calm Focus
Relax Sleep
Relief Itching
Restless Leg Support
Retained Reflexes Support
Retin P
Retina Support D
Retinal Detachment Assist
Retinoblastoma Support
Retrovirus Support
Retrovirus Support 30
Rett Syndrome Support
Rhabdomyolysis Support
Rhabdomyosarcoma Support
Rheumatoid Assist
Rib Support
Rick Ettsi
Rife – Hybrid – Variable Duty Cycle
Rife 12 Minute
Rife 7 Minute
Rife 9 Minute
Rife Bare Essentials
Rife Bare Essentials low frequencies
Rife BX Support
Rife Low Power
Rife Original Frequencies
Rife Sweep Hybrid
Right Brain Activation
Ringworm Support
RNA Viral Assist
Robban – 2500
Robban 1
Robban 2
Robban 3
Robban 4
Robban 5
Robban Athletes
Robban Bartonella 22
Robban Blistex
Robban CMV
Robban EBV 22
Robban EBV Assist
Robban HHV 1-2
Robban HHV 1-2 30
Robban Limeade
Robban Nagalase
Robban Schumann
Rocky Mountain Fever Support
Ropa Dope
Rosacea Support
Ross River Support
RSD Assist
Rubella Vac Support
Runner Edge
Runner Edge 8
s2s Lymph Nymph
Salivary Gland Support
Sarcoidosis Support
Sarcoma Support
Scabies Parasite Support
Scalp Support
Scar Support
Scarlet Support
Schistosomiasis Support
Schumann Extended
Schumann Low Duty Cycle
Schumann Resonance
Sciatica Support
Scoliosis Support
Sean Lally Pre-Fight
Seasonal Light Mood Support Hybrid
Seasonal Mood Support
Seize Free
Seizure Support
Serotonin Infusion
Serotonin Infusion 22
Shingles Support
Shirley Special
Shofar Armor
Shoulder Support
Sinus Support
Sjogren Syndrome Support
Skin Blister Assist
Skin Health 30
Skin Health Hybrid
Skin Neoplasm Mel
Skin Support
Skin Support Acne
Sleep 176
Sleep 176 10
Sleep 176 No Flash
Sleep Support
Sleep Support 30
Slipped Disc Support
Small Cell L
Small Intestine Overgrowth
Smart Charge
Sober Liver
Solfeggio 174
Soma Tones
Sore Throat Support
Sound Therapy
Spa Energy
Spa Lymph Cleanse
Spa Mental Clarity
Spa Recovery
Spa Relaxation
Spa Skin
Spa Sleep
Spa Stress Reducer
Spinal Inflammation Support
Spirochetes 22
Spleen Support
Spleen Support 30
Stomach Support
Stomach Support ACG
Strep Mutans
Strep Support
Streptococci Support 22
Surgical Recovery – Gabby and Laird
Sweep 100-500
Sweep 1000-2000
Sweep 10000-20000
Sweep 2000-3000
Sweep 20000-30000
Sweep 3000-4000
Sweep 30000-40000
Sweep 4000-5000
Sweep 40000-50000
Sweep 5-100
Sweep 5-30
Sweep 500-1000
Sweep 5000-10000
Sweet Tooth
Syph Support
Syph Support 2
Tapeworm Support
TBC Support
Telomere Support
Telomere Support 8
Telomere Support II
Tendinitis Support
Tendinitis Support 30
Tendon Support
Tennis Elbow Support
Testosterone Assist
Theta Wave
Theta Wave 12
Theta Wave 20
Theta Wave 45
Thomas Payne
Thread Worm Support
Thrombocytopenia Support
Thy Down
Thy Down 30
Thy Up
Thymus Support
Thyroid Nodule Support
Thyroiditis Assist
TIA Assist
TickBornV 13
Tin Support
Tin Support 22
Tired Blood Support
TMJ Support
Tongue and Lung Support
Tonsil Support
Tonsil Support ACG
Total Body Strong
Total Body Strong Low Power
Tourette Support
Toxoplasma Support
Tremor Assist
Tremor Support
Trigeminal N Support
Trigger Finger Assist
Trigger Point
Tummy Rub
Tumor Support
Tumor Support – Neuroendocrine
U-Fibroid Support
Ultimate Adrenal Edge
Unlimited Power
Unlimited Power 12
Unshakeable Sweep
Unshakeable Sweep 12
Urethral Stricture Assist
Urinary Tract Support
Uterine Support ACG
Vagal Tone
Vaginal Support
Vaginosis Support
Varicose Support
Vax 19 Assist
Venous Support
Vertigo Assist
Vertigo Assist 10
Violet Flame
Violet Flame 10
Viral Assist
Viral Assist 1
Viral Assist 2
Viral Assist 21
Virus Assist
Vitiligo Support
Vitreous Assist
Vocal Cord Support
Wake Up
Weight Not
Weight Not 10
Wellness – Happy Relief
Wellness Assist ACG
Wellness Assist ACG 12
Wellness Assist ACG 18
Wellness Bone Health
Wellness Energy
Wellness Gut Health
Wellness Inflammation Support
Wellness Longevity
Wellness Mental Clarity
Wellness Recovery
Wellness Sleep
Wellness Sweep
Wellness Sweep 3
Wellness Sweep 5
Wellness Sweep 8
Wellness Sweep Logarithmic
West Nile Assist
Wet Mac Eye
Whiplash Support
Wound Support
Wrinkle Free
Wrinkle Free 10
Wrinkle Free 8
X-Games Sweep
XPT Life Athletic Recovery
Yellow Fever Vac Detox
Yersinia Pestis
Zenker Diverticulum Support