How I overcame exhaustion without sacrificing my health (And increased my influence, profits and happiness)

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  • A proven strategy women can use to go from feeling anxious, overworked and exhausted to feeling relaxed, energized and present during the workday… without sacrificing their business.


  • How to spend quality time with loved ones whenever you want, while feeling amazing, present, energized and fulfilling your company’s mission.


  • Why most female entrepreneurs feel stuck by having to trade-off time at work and being successful with time with the family and other responsibilities…
  • How to prevent chronic disease, disarm genetic inheritances and live in harmony with longevity practices so you can be thriving for decades to come… 


  • A step-by-step game plan successful female entrepreneurs use to efficiently manage, support and track their wellness plan to free up time and energy instead of being burdened with figuring out what to eat, which supplements to take and all the other aspects of a self-care plan…


  • How to stop putting off your health despite insane demands in your business… even if that feels impossible right now.

Dr. LeTa Jussila

In 2015, LeTa had built a very successful health and fitness company that was in the process of franchising all over the U.S. when she got diagnosed with an early-stage breast cancer. Deep down she knew this was a wake up call from overworking and letting stress get the best of her. 

Through navigating those health challenges, she made a commitment to be available to help other female entrepreneurs, just like her, get honest with themselves around putting their health first so they can grow the businesses without sacrificing their wellbeing.

Today, Dr. LeTa is the founder & CEO of Doctor LeTa Inc. She’s helped female entrepreneurs all over the world fine-tune their lifestyle habits to prevent burnout and chronic disease and have a wellness plan in place that works so they don’t have to choose between health and being successful in business.

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