How I went from Anxious, Overwhelmed and Exhausted to Relaxed, Energized and Present (While growing my business profits, influence and impact)

Who is this for?

Women Business Owners

This is for female entrepreneurs who are feeling stressed and are in a trade-off between your career and your health…

Value Efficiency

You don’t want to waste any more time, energy and money on practitioners and supplements that are not working…


And you are ready to stop sacrificing your health, your family time and your own happiness for success in your business!

Here’s what you’ll Learn

during the education and coaching part of the Start With Yourself Program.


I'm Doctor LeTa.

In 2015, I built a very successful health and fitness company that was in the process of franchising all over the U.S. when I got diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. Deep down I knew this was a wake-up call from overworking and letting stress get the best of me. 

Through navigating those health challenges, I made a commitment to be available to help other female entrepreneurs, just like you, get honest with themselves about putting their health first so they can grow their businesses without sacrificing their well-being.

Today, I am the founder & CEO of Doctor LeTa Inc. I have helped female entrepreneurs all over the world fine-tune their lifestyle habits to prevent burnout and chronic disease and have a wellness plan in place that works so they don’t have to choose between health and being successful in business.

The Real Question: Are you secretly exhausted, cranky, or worried that you’ve taken on too much?

The Real Problem: You haven’t figured out what is best for YOU.

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