Dr. LeTa can help if...

For Patients

You'd rather do what works instead of trying something that someone else did.

You are ready and willing to make different habits that will change the course of your life.

You realize that your 1 appointment with your Primary Care Physician doesn't constitute a wellness plan.

You are sick and tired of not winning at life and know it's an inside job.

You realize that it's important to invest and work with a mentor/doctor as all successful people do.

For Colleagues + Others

You want to collaborate and intuitively know we would be a great match.

You are looking for a fresh perspective on a certain topic and feel I may be able to give it.

You are interested in the lens of Taoism and Chinese Medicine to add to a project, course, podcast, event you are putting on.

You are looking for a Mentor and think I may be the perfect match.

You are looking for a strategic alliance and feel our audiences are a good fit.


*Please note that are 7 options in the “please tell us a bit more about your request” box below.