Seasonal education, inspiration, support + community based on holistic, integrative, functional and ancient medicine.

Finally, take small moments each season to fine-tune and make adjustments to maintain your immune system, optimize your digestion and energy, get the deep restorative rest necessary and move into an authentic relaxed and energized presence.


To educate you on how to live in harmony with each season.


To empower individuals in being able to take great care of themselves.


Live and Recorded Educational Videos, Downloadable PDFs, Email + Live Q&A.

Description of Offerings

Access to the doctor

You will be  able to email, phone or text me with your questions so you don’t have to wait for my monthly live Q&A.

5 Seasonal webinars

Every Season there are supportive foods, herbs, self-care practices, acupressure points, written assignments, etc. to help your body be in harmony with the Qi of the season. You can attend live +/or watch the replay. 

qigong Classes

You get all new and older Qigong classes. All videos are housed on my course site and can be played and rewatched as much as desired.

all courses

I have courses that are already done on my course site that I am including in this membership. Also, any new courses that are coming out will be included for all paying members. You can view the content and go at your own pace.

Live Zoom Q&A

1x/month I’m in my Zoom for Q&A. You can submit your questions via email and if you can not attend live, all recordings are uploaded to the course site.

5 Seasonal 1-on-1's

You are unique and so should your suggestions for optimizing your health! For all paying members, you will receive a 1-on-1 Zoom meeting with me for us to ensure you are implementing an efficient plan for wellness.

Total Current Value of Membership = $4,000+

Email, Text and Phone Support $348

Qigong Classes $250

Live Zoom Q&A 1x/Month $1200+

5 Seasonal Webinars $485

All Courses Current + New $997+

5 Seasonal 1-on-1’s $750+

Monthly Plan

$ 83
  • Qigong Classes
  • Live Zoom Q&A 1x/month
  • 5 Seasonal Webinars
  • All Courses by Dr. LeTa
  • 5 Seasonal 1-on-1's

Annual Plan

$ 997
  • Qigong Classes
  • Live Zoom Q&A 1x/month
  • 5 Seasonal Webinars
  • All Courses by Dr. LeTa
  • 5 Seasonal 1-on-1's

Why Choose This Membership


You value a Seasonal and Holistic approach to your healthcare


You want to have access to a Doctor more regularly + get your questions answered


You want to learn how you can use Chinese Medicine's wisdom


You are ready to up-level, want support, accountability, inspiration and motivation

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