What if you could achieve a level of health you never thought possible, without spending tons of money, seeing several practitioners, and taking too many supplements?

Once and for all change the stubborn habits that are sucking your time, energy and resources, and effecting the quality of how you show up in the world.

Does this sound like you?

imagine this...

What if I told you there was a better way?

The real problem is you have not figured out what is best for YOU, who is a sacred being, an individual with a unique past that requires a personalized approach to a wellness plan that will work for you right now.


You feel empowered and grateful that you have changed your direction of health for your good so you can focus on other things.


You completely understand how to elevate your health and realize how effortless taking care of yourself really is.


You realize that a lot of the symptoms you are feeling may be actually related to one thing.


You experience deep, restorative sleep waking with excitement and energy to continue to live your life to its fullest.


You feel energized from the relaxed state you operate from and enter your day with ease and clarity.


You feel amazing, able to move in the ways you want to move, with flexibility and a range of motion that allows you to express yourself in the ways you truly desire.

Kind words from past patients.


Start With Yourself

Embark on a revolutionary personal health transformation journey. Learn exactly where you are and what you need to do to reach a higher level of health and vitality with the best of eastern and western medicine combined.

No Two Bodies Are The Same. Discover What Is Right For YOU.

Here's what's included:

The Start With Yourself Program’s premise is that it’s your birthright to feel good AND it’s your personal responsibility to make a decision to put yourself FIRST in order to truly give to the ones you love, your career and anything else you value.


You get to meet with Dr. LeTa on Zoom and/or on the phone every week.


Coaching is different than Dr. Consulting. Dr. LeTa will actually coach you.

Lab Testing

Dr. LeTa will run 45+ Biomarkers from your blood so she can get a snapshot.

Wellness Plan

Personalized Food as Medicine Plan, Supplement and Herbal Medicine Protocol, Movement Design and suggested Self-Care Practices.


You will receive accountability, inspiration, motivation, friendship, guidance, and a time-frame for you to show up and succeed.


Once you’ve gone through the Start With Yourself program, you will be able to be invited and offered other opportunities.

how it works

Here's how it all breaks down.

What you will learn will be a game changer for you to live your best life.

My vision is to live in an interconnected, sustainable and just world where all people are given what they need to live a thriving, healthy, happy life. I contribute to this vision by using the proven history of Chinese Medicine, the modern science of biohacking, and clinical research to educate you on how to upgrade your bodies and minds and to understand how to get in and stay in Qi flow — which allows you to live in harmony with all things so every day can be authentic, connected and creatively satisfying. 

I remind individuals of their innate power to make meaningful changes to achieve a higher quality of life. Through specific strategies, knowledge, technology, resources, and self-experimentation, I believe that we can create healthier, informed, harmonious, abundant, and thriving lives of optimal health and peak performance. 



Schedule your 1-on-1, Complete Your Bloodwork + Questionnaires

Take the first step down your personalized path to living healthier by meeting with Dr. LeTa 1-on-1, filling out some health questionnaires, and scheduling a blood draw through one of our partners.



Get your health analysis + Wellness Action Plan

We will receive your test results and will take into consideration your personal health and wellness goals and the questionnaires you filled out to create a data-driven wellness plan. Based on all of the information we have gathered, you will be receiving specific insight on foods, supplements, recommended herbal medicines, and a fine-tuning of lifestyle habits that you can start implementing right away.




Meet weekly with Dr. LeTa 1-on-1 to discuss your Wellness Action Plan and order any herbal medicines or supplements you may want. Also meet weekly on Zoom for Q&A and community (optional).




Continue to meet weekly for Q&A as well as with Dr. LeTa 1-on-1 to go over questions you may have, discuss how you’re doing, celebrate your wins and continue to implement your wellness plan. 



Retest and Reassess

We can run labs again and update your biomarker data to gauge your progress, recalibrate your Wellness Action Plan, and identify where to work next. 

*this fee is nominal and separate.

Kind words from past clients.

hi there,

I'm Dr. LeTa Jussila, DAOM

The best thing you can do for those you love is to take care of yourself so they don’t have to.

frequently asked questions

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

Take a look at some common questions that you may be thinking about before you reach out to customer support.

This wellness program is for those who really want to assess where they are at in their health and learn what to do to change the course. It is educational and you will learn things in this program you can apply to your life every day moving forward.

Those who are trapped in a medical mindset and do not desire to free themselves from these limitations. Those who are not willing to act on self-care and fine-tuning their habits to feel better.

The content is delivered through Zoom, emails, Thinkific, and through phone and/or text messages.

The content is based on Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and all the other wisdom I have learned in studying medicine the past 20 years plus my life experience.

I will be going over Foundational Knowledge, you will be doing some Assessments (Health Questionnaires), then from those baselines you will know what is best to focus on. I will then go over how to fine-tune those specific areas and you will start implementing.

I will give you education, inspiration, there is a community to support you and cheer you on, celebrate your wins as you continue to become the best version of YOU.


  • 8 weeks of 1-on-1 mentoring/coaching/doctoring via zoom

  • 8 weeks of group mentoring and community

  • Bloodwork/lab fees

  • Food, Supplements, Herbal Medicines, Lifestyle suggestions and Homework included

  • Workbook

  • Online Course for medical self-care

Absolutely not. They are recored and put into Dr. LeTa’s course website where you will have full access. Please note that it is not required for you to speak or have your camera on, although encouraged. Many individuals have breakthroughs hearing other peoples questions and the doctors responses.

I can guarantee that if you show up and start implementing some changes, you will FEEL differently. If for some reason you are not getting the results you want or thought the program was something different, I am happy to have a conversation around the time and energy you have put in and if for some reason you are not feeling better, I may apply a credit for any other services and upcoming classes and programs I offer. And just to note – not one person has asked for a refund from the thousands of folks I have worked with, but I am absolutely invested in long-term relationships and my desire is that you create the changes you want to see with my support and mentorship.

As soon as you pay and book your first appointment.

August 30, 2023

Bloodwork, all meetings with Dr. LeTa and her support for the 8 weeks. The following labs are ordered. If you or the Doctor wants to order more, it will just be a small fee to the lab.

Energy & Metabolism
Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)
Total cholesterol
High-density lipoprotein (HDL)
Low-density lipoprotein (LDL)
Strength & Endurance
Sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG)
Free testosterone
Creatine kinase
Bone & Muscle Health
Vitamin D
Electrolytes & Fluid Balance / Minerals
Brain / Cognition
RBC Magnesium
Vitamin B12
Monocytes (percent)
Lymphocytes (percent)
Basophils (percent)
Eosinophils (percent)
Neutrophils (percent)
High sensitivity c-reactive protein (hsCRP)
White blood cells
Red blood cell count
Mean cell volume
Mean cell hemoglobin
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin Conc.
Red cell distribution width
White blood cell count
Mean platelet volume
Oxygen Transfer & Blood Function / Performance
Red blood cells
Transferrin Saturation
Total iron binding capacity Iron (TIBC)

You do not need to continue to meet with the Doctor nor show up to the live Q&A’s as long as you understand and are implementing your wellness plan and feel confident you are going to stay on track.

It's the perfect time to

Start With Yourself

Total Value = $9,750

Pricing to Change The Course of Your Life


Please self-assess what value you want to put on yourself, your time, your health and your energy. The investment you make will be worth 10x to your Soul when you decide to commit, show up and say YES to you and your life.

If you are someone who has been blessed by extra resources and want to gift publicly or anonymously to someone, know that someone will be eternally grateful.