It's time for your cleanse.

Based on Chinese Medicine, it’s time because it’s the Year of the Rabbit and because it’s the Spring season.

More reasons to do an “oil change” so you can run cleaner and more efficient, is if you take pharmaceuticals, drink alcohol, take in THC, have been exposed to mold, eat/drink out of plastics or cans and so much more…


The Problem

Health is our #1 value and we can’t just rely on allopathic medicine to save us.

One of the main problems is that we live in a world full of toxins. You may have heard this but I want you to take a few minutes to hear me out.

Over the last 25 years, we have seen the most profound explosion of chronic disease in human history. Research from reputable institutions from around the world suggests that environmental factors are now injuring our neurology, our genetics, our metabolism and immune system. This isn’t just a notion anymore, we have concrete evidence of the direct correlation.

The bottom line? Our bodies just can’t handle how much is put on our system. Anything from heavy metals, plastics, mold, eating non-organic food, MSG, which has 600 different names for it like “natural flavors”, EMF radiation, environmental toxins, even prescription medication, and alcohol tax our systems. The CDC says that most of us have 219 or more toxic pollutants in our bodies.

This means that our bodies’ protective systems are overworked, and we see this in the number of health issues we face: lack of energy, inability to focus, stressed immune and reproductive systems, and poor sleep quality (just to name a few)!

4 years ago the CDC reported 1 in every 14 kids in the US had developmental disabilities, and 1 in 28 boys have an autism spectrum disorder and that 1 in 10 have an attention deficit disorder.

In my clinic I have seen a steady rise with my adult patients of depression and anxiety, gluten sensitivity or even celiac disease, MS, ALS and an increase in dementia in women and and an increase in Parkinson’s in men. I am not shocked with how many folks come in with an auto-immune disease or cancer diagnosis at this point. This does not have to be the new normal. Avoiding these toxins is nearly impossible. 

Why Cleanse?

There isn’t just one simple solution. But the best way is to focus on an integrative and holistic approach that makes sense.

Most of us know it’s about chronic inflammation. There are things you cannot control, like “what’s out there”. But you can control how your own body responds.

I am here to share with you how to get rid of inflammation, restore your body back to balance and help you protect and prevent anything from happening in the future.
This is where I can help.

The first thing we do is Cleanse to rid your body from harmful toxins so it doesn’t have to work so hard to keep you healthy and energized.

This is what this cleanse is about.

Toxins surrounds us, from the air we breathe, the food we eat, household products and chemicals and more.

When in a healthy state, the body’s natural detoxification pathways support the clearing and resetting of your systems at a cellular level, providing the foundation for health.

However, today’s toxic burden can overwhelm the body’s detox capabilities.

I refer to us doing a cleanse or detox as an “oil change” because if we don’t assist the body in getting rid of what is burdening us, it does and will create disease.

Why Me?

Why work with me? I have been leading medically supervised cleanses for the last 15 years and have helped thousands of individuals. I have taken my past experience and research and have condensed the best tips for you to have a successful and safe Cleanse.

Some of the things I’ve heard from past cleansers is that this particular cleanse was Life -Changing. Especially for the ones who have tried everything and yet they still didn’t feel as well as they could have or for the ones who were afraid to start a cleanse because it’s never a good time with birthdays and events but with this one was manageable!

When you do a proper cleanse you remove toxins from the body, you prevent chronic disease, you enhance your immune system function, some of you may lose fat mass, you also slow down premature aging but most of all you are improving your quality of life, increasing your energy and mental and emotional clarity.

The reason I chose these specific supplements for your detox is that most of the cleanse supplements support the Liver to get rid of toxins, but the end up in the gut and we wonder why so many people have digestive issues and poor immune. You need to take a wide variety of binders to bind to each of these different toxins and safely remove them from your body without re-absorbing them.

You have the option to upgrade your life right now. Perhaps you have waited a year or even more to make time for cleanse, to make time for your self. Just as we get an oil change for our cars to run cleaner and more efficient, it’s even more important that we do this for our own bodies.

So click on the link, sign up and join the movement of creating a world we want to live in. I look forward to supporting you!

Learn about the Supplements

The Liver Detox is a versatile two-step cleansing protocol designed to help support the liver. It is widely accepted that eliminating toxins and then minimizing their redistribution and reabsorption is essential for proper health. Other improperly designed protocols on the market can result in toxin redistribution, not elimination.

Liver Sauce, Ultra Binder and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract are the (3) three BASE supplements.

*Other supplements are add-ons based on your own individual needs.

PushCatch® Liver Detox is a simple, two-step cleansing system comprised of Dr. Shade’s Liver Sauce®, a comprehensive botanical formula that supports all stages of liver detox, and Ultra Binder®, a broad-spectrum binder that assists with toxin capture in the gut, supporting toxin elimination via the stool.

Dr. Shade’s Liver Sauce® offers potent nutrients and bitter phytochemicals, such as R-lipoic acid and milk thistle, that support critical detoxification pathways and bile flow, preparing toxins for excretion.

These nutrients and botanicals also provide antioxidant and immune support by activating the Nrf2 pathway and increasing glutathione.

Ultra Binder® supports effective toxin removal via the gut.

Together, these two formulas provide efficient support for detoxification.

Download the Specifics...

For those who want more information on the specific ingredients and what they do, please check out this detailed PDF for more information.

Don't delay any longer to feel cleaner, lighter and clearer.

What's Included

Health Questionnaire + Detox Questionnaire

Optional questionnaires to self-assess before and after your cleanse to get your baseline and to see if you will want to do another round in the future.

Self-Care Recommendations + Food Recommendations

Optional self-care practices and food modifications for those who want to prioritize this time in these ways.

Customized Detox + 1-on-1 with Dr. LeTa

If you feel you want more of a personalized detox designed and/or have questions for Dr. LeTa


You are more than welcome to take this Detox Questionnaire to decide on your own if you need to cleanse. I have a feeling the answer is YES, but don’t take my word for it! Download it here.

The question should be, can you afford to not do it? How is your energy? How is your level of fulfillment and happiness? Do you have any stiffness or aches and pains? Do you ever get irritated or frustrated?

What price could we put on wellness, or prevention? Or ask yourself how much it would cost for you to pay out-of-pocket if you don’t do regular cleansing?

You buy it directly from me. The kit will be shipped to your door. It’s fast and super easy!

Absolutely. You will receive instructions through a manual but also guided by a video that I recorded. You can at anytime ask me a question privately through phone, text or email. You will feel supported as you cleanse your body. 

I can guarantee that if you do the basics of my suggestions, you will feel better. For some of you, you may feel lighter, more energy, happier, cleaner. For some of you it may look like your skin cleared up or you lost weight. Each of you are different. But if you make an investment in yourself, you are bound to change for the better and that, I can promise.

If you drink water during the cleanse, most likely you will not “feel” anything. For those of you who may be more toxic than others, there could be a day or two where you are sluggish in the beginning. This is not a colon cleanse so you will not be on the toilet. You won’t be hungry and I promise you won’t have to drink something that tastes like dirt or grass (unless you want to – <wink>).

If you need a payment plan, please reach out to my assistant at info at or call/text 831-222-0189 and we will set something up for you. I want no barriers of entry for anyone wanting to make lifestyle changes!

Yes. Life is in session and there is often no great time to detox. But please know this: This protocol is designed to be successful even if you don’t change anything else about your life. So I say don’t put this off until tomorrow or when you have “more time”.

Base Kit of (3) three supplements: Liver Sauce, Ultra binder, and Hemp Extract = $250 including tax and shipping

Base Kit of (3) three supplements: liver sauce, ultra binder, and hemp extract = $250 + 5 Acupuncture treatments $497 = $747

Not interested in the Supplements?

Purchase 5 Acupuncture treatments for only $497

Thank you for valuing Health and investing in yourself!