Lab Testing

Take the guesswork out of health

Doctor LeTa offers standard and advanced laboratory testing to help diagnose and evaluate your health concerns. 

Typical lab work just looks at the basics, but there is a lot more that your body can tell you. That’s why you need tests that go deeper.


Categories of Lab Testing

◦ General Health and Wellness
◦ Allergy
◦ Anemia
◦ At-Home Test Kits
◦ Blood Type
◦ Cancer Screening
◦ Cardiac & Cholesterol
◦ Diabetes
◦ Disease Detection
◦ Drug Testing
◦ Gastrointestinal
◦ Heavy Metal / Toxins
◦ Hormone Testing
◦ Immunization
◦ Infectious Diseases
◦ Inflammation & Autoimmune
◦ Kidney Testing
◦ Liver Testing
◦ Pregnancy & Fertility
◦ Prostate Testing
◦ STD Testing
◦ Testosterone Testing
◦ Thyroid Testing
◦ Vitamins & Nutrition

The Diagnostic Tests Your Doctor Probably Isn’t Running But Should Be

Not everyone needs to do every type of advanced functional medicine testing. It all depends on your symptoms and any existing health issues you may have.

These particular issues tell us that more in-depth testing will be a good idea:

  • headaches / migraines
  • diabetes
  • chronic fatigue
  • high blood pressure
  • metabolic syndrome
  • weight gain/ weight loss resistance
  • Digestive symptoms
  • Hormones
  • Inflammation
  • Mental health issues
  • Vague symptoms, no obvious cause
  • Signs of exposure to environment toxins


Not sure if you have exposure to toxins? Some signs are the following: 

  • low energy
  • weakness
  • chronic digestive issues
  • word finding challenges
  • numbness / tingling
  • trouble concentrating

3 medical tests we suggest:

1. Four Point Cortisol Test

This test looks at the health of your adrenal glands, which produce the stress hormone cortisol. It’s possible that cortisol could be the reason you are experiencing weight gain, high blood pressure, blood sugar imbalances, or hormone imbalances.

2. The GI Effects or CDSA 2.0 3 day stool test

This medical test reveals imbalances between the good and bad bacteria in your gut, identifies any overgrowth of yeast, and finds parasites. It also tells us if you have inflammation in your digestive tract and if the digestive juices in your pancreas are low, which could indicate that you’re not properly absorbing nutrients. For some people with digestive and autoimmune problems, this test is a game changer.

3. Genomind Genetics profile or 23&Me

There are a lot of things your DNA can reveal about your genetic potential and we can make specific recommendations for diet, exercise, and supplements that will help you metabolize hormones in a more efficient manner.

5 types of blood tests we recommend you do annually

1. Broad thyroid panel (Free T4, Total T3, Free T3, Reverse T3, anti TPO Ab and anti Thyroglobulin Ab)
2. Essential nutrients: iron/ferritin, vitamin D, vitamin B12, magnesium
3. Complete metabolic panel and complete blood count
4. Metabolic markers: hemoglobin A1c, fasting glucose and insulin, lipid panel
5. Inflammatory markers: hsCRP, homocysteine

Are You Suffering from Toxic Mold?

Mycotoxins are some of the most prevalent toxins in the environment.  Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by fungi like mold, which can infest buildings, vehicles, and foodstuffs.   A majority of mycotoxin exposures are through food ingestion or airborne exposure.  In the European Union, 20% of all grains harvested have been found to be contaminated with mycotoxins.  Unfortunately, mycotoxins are resistant to heat and many processing procedures.

Fungi are able to grow on almost any surface, especially if the environment is warm and wet.  Inner wall materials of buildings, wall paper, fiber glass insulation, ceiling tiles, and gypsum support are all good surfaces for fungi to colonize.  These fungi then release mycotoxins into the environment causing symptoms of many different chronic diseases. 

Diseases and symptoms linked to mycotoxin exposure include fever, pneumonia-like symptoms, heart disease, rheumatic disease, asthma, sinusitis, cancer, memory loss, vision loss, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, depression, ADHD, anxiety, and liver damage.  

Not sure which test you need?

Feel free to book a 15-minute free consultation on the phone with Dr. LeTa.

This specific test is the only clinical test that utilizes blood, hair, and urine to measure excretion abilities and exposure of inorganic and methyl mercury. Unlike common “Challenge Testing”, this test separates methyl mercury (mostly from seafood or amalgam-based mercury) from inorganic mercury (the most toxic form) and measures each directly.

One thing to note — There is no need for Challenge Testing – Challenge testing can result in redistribution of metals in the organs. It can also have difficulties identifying long term toxicity and your unique mercury excretion capabilities. This specific test provides unprecedented information on exposure sources, body burden and ability to excrete each form of mercury.

Nutrient + Toxic Metals Analysis – This Panel screens for a broad range of elements to show elevated exposure to toxic metals or imbalances of nutrient elements in whole blood.

16 Elements – Nutrient Elements: Calcium, Copper, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium, Zinc. Potentially Toxic Metals: Antimony, Arsenic, Cadmium, Cobalt, Lead, Mercury, Silver, Strontium


Genetic Testing

Diet, Fitness, Sleep & Stress Test $249

• Unlock the power of personalised nutrition
• Making your workouts truly personal
• Understand your unique stress and sleep response
• Putting the Personal in Personal Training

Personalized Genetic Cannabis Health Test $199

• Consumption Warnings (Cannabis-Induced Psychosis, Dependence, Edibles, and Smoking)
• Cannabinoid Recommendations
• Terpene Recommendations
• Exact THC : CBD Ratios
• Strain Recommendations
• Product Recommendations

  • Prevention is key.
  • Discover how your DNA can impact your long-term health.
  • Discover your risk of developing cancer and other diseases and conditions.
  • Optimize your lifestyle choices to achieve your health and wellness goals.
  • Learn about your ancestry and the personal traits that are unique to you.

Comprehensive DNA Health Test $629

Understanding your genetic risk of developing certain cancers, diseases and other health conditions helps you to take control of your and your family’s health through early detection and preventative lifestyle interventions.

350+ reports, including:
Cancer Screening
Common Health Risks
Family Planning
Dementia & Brain Health
Disease Risk
Drug Responses

Eat, sleep, workout and de-stress according to your DNA.
Discover how your DNA can help personalize your diet and nutrition choices, and optimise your workouts with our in-depth genetic insights. Learn how your body responds to stress, as well as your genetic chronotype for the perfect night’s sleep.

80+ reports, including:
Sport & Fitness
Stress & Sleep

Who you are today is a result of thousands of years and of DNA migration & interactions.
Learn where in the world your ancestors come from and how your unique genetic profile came to be. Whether it’s physical traits you can see or hidden traits you can’t, your DNA holds even more information than you ever imagined.

50+ reports, including:
Success Traits
Behavioural Traits
Physical Traits
Personality Traits
Gender Traits
Music & Dance

Hormone Panel


The DUTCH Plus is a comprehensive dried urine and saliva test that maximizes the available information from sex and adrenal hormone production and metabolism. With easy, at-home sample collection over the course of one day, providers can gain insights into the overall diurnal pattern of free cortisol and cortisone, along with the total distribution of cortisol metabolites. This test offers further insight by including organic acid testing, which evaluates potential nutritional deficiencies, oxidative stress, gut dysbiosis, melatonin levels, and neuroinflammation.

With the DUTCH Plus, providers also get a closer look into adrenal function with details about a patient’s cortisol awakening response (CAR) by showing cortisol’s natural rise and fall within the first hour of waking.

How is DUTCH different from other hormone tests?

Easier Collection: Patients collect just four or five dried urine samples over a 24-hour period. Dried samples are stable for several weeks, making them convenient to ship worldwide.

Comprehensive Report: DUTCH offers the most extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones along with their metabolites. Our comprehensive report gives providers actionable results so they can develop more effective treatment plans.

Backed by Research: We pride ourselves in relentlessly pursuing the most accurate and precise techniques available for testing.

Effective HRT Monitoring: Our testing methodology allows us to effectively monitor for most forms of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Expert Education: Registered DUTCH providers can access a variety of hormone education tools and resources to help them interpret the DUTCH report and understand how to use our family of tests to profoundly change the lives of their patients.

Clinical Support: Our team of clinical educators offers group and one-on-one sessions to walk providers through their patients’ reports. With this expert support, providers can feel confident interpreting their patients’ results and creating effective treatment plans.

Your Annual Full Blood Work Up

You are Unique and Your Food, Fitness, Supplements and Lifestyle Habits should be too! These Labs are $600 and should be taken every year (or every 3-6 months if you have a diagnosis). For those who want extra support and guidance from Dr. LeTa, you can schedule 1-on-1’s with her for support.

Energy & Metabolism 


Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) 


Total cholesterol

High-density lipoprotein (HDL) 

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) 

Strength & Endurance


Sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG)

Free testosterone



Creatine kinase


Bone & Muscle Health

Vitamin D


Electrolytes & Fluid Balance / Minerals



Brain / Cognition

RBC Magnesium

Vitamin B12




Monocytes (percent)

Lymphocytes (percent)

Basophils (percent)

Eosinophils (percent)

Neutrophils (percent)






High sensitivity c-reactive protein (hsCRP)

White blood cells

Red blood cell count


Mean cell volume

Mean cell hemoglobin

Mean corpuscular hemoglobin Conc. 

Red cell distribution width

White blood cell count


Mean platelet volume 

Oxygen Transfer & Blood Function / Performance








Red blood cells

Transferrin Saturation

Total iron binding capacity Iron (TIBC)




Liver Function & Toxicity


Alanine aminotransferase  (ALT)

Aspartate aminotransferase (AST)

Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT)

Lab Test: Saliva + Hair or Nails

All matter is vibrating.
As you may recall from science class, all matter in the universe is made up of atoms. And these atoms are made up of subatomic particles called protons, neutrons and electrons.

Subatomic particles are held together by a magnetic attraction, and they are in constant motion or vibration.
This means everything in the universe – the chair you’re sitting on, the phone in your hand, the cells in your body – is made up of tiny, buzzing subatomic particles.

Every vibration has a unique frequency, which is measurable in a unit of hertz. This is what we’re measuring and analyzing when we talk about bioenergetic or bioresonance testing.

The body has a frequency.
Whole bodies (and each particular organ and system) emit specific frequencies. It’s similar to how a musical chord, which has its own frequency, is made up of musical notes, each with their own unique frequency.


Using bioenergetic (i.e. bioresonance) testing, we analyze the frequencies of your samples to get a picture of where the body is experiencing stress, and to identify resonating toxins and nutritional or hormonal imbalances that may be contributing to that stress.

Then, we test your samples against thousands of holistic remedies to provide a custom regimen to support your body back into balance. 
It’s all energy.

Conventional Western medicine has been using forms of energetic medicine for decades. Tools like x-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs all use energy or frequencies to get a picture of what is happening inside the body.
Bioenergetics is not a diagnostic tool, meaning it is not used to diagnose or treat disease, but it does give us valuable information to facilitate holistic healing. A body in balance will ultimately heal itself.