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My team and I work Monday through Friday 9 – 5 p.m. PST by appointment only. Feel free to always contact us by phone, text, email or chat for any concern you have.

We are happy to offer Superbills if you feel the services provided will be covered under your current health insurance plan. We also acccept Health Savings Account (HSA) Cards as well as Flex Spending Accounts. We accept all forms of these payment options for your convenience:
• Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express
• Debit cards
• Digital wallets
• Google Pay
• Apple Pay
• Bank transfers
• Alipay
• WeChat
Testing through traditional health care is often very limited. Dr. LeTa will use her in-depth knowledge of your health to advise on advanced specialty tests to get to the bottom of your symptoms. From there, she can design a holistic health plan that’s personalized to your needs and goals.
Dr. LeTa helps you select tests that fit your health goals, insurance, and budget. During your initial visit with Dr. LeTa , you will spend time exploring your health goals and reviewing testing options together. This may include blood work, at-home advanced specialty testing, or a combination of the two. We recommend you complete blood work at least two weeks ahead of your next follow-up visit so the doctor can utilize that information for your report of findings and plan.
Prescription drugs are one of the most powerful advents and essential tools of modern medicine. They may be part of  your overall Health toolkit, and for some of you, they may be critical to your health, either in the short-term or long-term.
That said, Dr. LeTa recognizes that most prescription drugs today are designed to manage a condition rather than treat its root cause, and they also tend to have uncomfortable side effects. That’s why Dr. LeTa understands you may need to be on a certain prescription medication and undertsands drug-herb interactions and how to support your overall health by adjunct approaches.
For example: if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, you may not need to take metformin or insulin. You may simply need a change in your diet. If we can help someone reverse diabetes, resolve their condition, and get off medication with just a lifestyle change, that’s a win.
Supplements  are powerful tools to be taken seriously regarding safety, quality, effectiveness, and relevance. Dr. LeTa is trained in using specific, high-quality, safe-tested “professional grade” supplements that are third-party-validated and produced in pharmaceutical-quality manufacturing facilities (i.e., GMP-certified facilities), as well as made by manufacturers that largely only retail through licensed medical providers. The supplements we prescribe are proven to work for the conditions they support, like treating microbial imbalances in the gut, addressing nutrient deficiencies, or balancing blood sugar. We are highly selective and cautious in prescribing supplements. However, we also find they are more effective than conventional drug therapies alone.
While legally no dietary supplement or nutraceutical can claim to “treat or cure” a disease, the supplements we recommend are evidence-based to address or support the lifestyle-responsive conditions we treat every day. Like any drug, any supplement can have side effects, should be monitored carefully, evaluated for negative reactions, or stopped if not efficacious.
While we offer supplements for sale, you  are not required to purchase supplements through us. We do encourage members to get their supplements through us via our online store, at our clinic, or our Fullscript store because we can guarantee the supplement quality and to offer convenience for members.
Even though we earn a small percentage from your supplement purchase, you should feel confident that we are recommending the supplements that we feel are best for you as we are interested in developing and nutruring a long-term relationship with you.

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