Nutrients for Life

If you want to live a high-vibe life and feel energized, present, capable, compassionate, clear, peaceful, on-purpose, ready and all the other amazing qualities that you want to feel and be, then you MUST supplement your diet with nutrients.

Foundational Nutrients

Make sure you get your daily nutrients in with foundational supplements such as a multi-vitamin mineral, essential fatty acids, nitric oxide, cannabinoids, COQ10 and mushrooms


Just as you get an oil change for your car, it’s more important to do this for your body so you can run cleaner and more efficient. There are many ways to get rid of unwanted toxins and build up in your body. See my selected protocols to fit your individual needs. I recommend a Chinese herbal medicine detox, a Whole Foods cleanse and a supplement detox that pulls out mold, heavy metals, micro-plastics and more. Each cleanse is designed for your particular body’s needs.


If you have a symptom like you can’t sleep well, or you have anxiety and so forth, try dietary supplements to help correct your imbalance before it becomes chronic. We have very specific protocols that can be both or either herbs and supplements to address your concerns.


If you have a chronic ailment or condition, I can’t stress enough the importance of getting corrective nutrients in your body so it has the nutrition it needs to properly heal and restore optimal function. Your body needs more nutritional requirements during a time where you may have a diagnosis, or have been living with an ailment long-term.

Feeding Your ECS

Please take my free Cannabinoids for Wellness webinar if you do not know about your Endocannabinoid System and how I recommend Hemp based products for everyday needs. Feel free to purchase any products with the button below.


Here is a Master List of my Current offerings. To schedule, you can use the link below or go to my SERVICES page and schedule there. If you have any questions before booking, please email or text. I look forward to working with you!


All Courses are delivered through my online portal that you can register for FREE and look around. Here is an example of some of the courses:


Brain Health based on Chinese Medicine

Start With Yourself Masterclass

Start With Yourself Program

Nitric Oxide: What You Need To Know

Cannabis: Foundational Knowledge for Anyone, Especially Healthcare Providers

Holistic Immunity

Qi Gong on the Beach

Earth Element: Late Summer

Metal Element: Autumn

Wood Element: Spring

Fire Element: Summer

Water Element: Winter

Microdosing 101

Chinese New Year Foundations

Introduction to CBD

Psychedelics 101

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"I had no idea what I was missing, before Dr. LeTa educated me on the power of plants and herbal medicine. Wow. Just plain wow."
Mark H.
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