The practice of Microdosing entails taking low doses of psychedelics, which are usually one-tenth of a recreational dose that causes a psychedelic experience. 

This means you do not have any psychoactivity.

Taking small doses of psychedelics to affect mood and performance is growing in popularity. There are more research being conducted to back the validity of certain claims, which include improved cognition, productivity and mood.

I have seen microdosing research being conducted mainly with psilocybin and LSD around many potential health issues.

As a side note, there is much research being conducted on regular psychoactive dosages for health benefits all around the world with many different psychoactive compounds.

If you want an overview, you can take my Psychedelics 101 Course. Otherwise check out my Microdsing course for further education.


Learn how to microdose! So many patients wanted to understand more about Microdosing so I have created a course. Here is an outline, but feel free to head over to the course page for a more in-depth peek.

  • Overview of Fungus
  • What is Microdosing?
  • The History of Microdosing
  • Benefits of Microdosing
  • Risks of Microdosing
  • How to Microdose
  • Medical Applications of Microdosing
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Get 1:1 Microdosing Coaching

If you desire a personalized approach to learning how to microdose, we can provide individualized, high-quality, and compassionate support. Dr. LeTa and her team of referrals have extensive microdosing and coaching experience and come from a wide range of backgrounds.

What does this session or sessions entail?

We can help you discover the optimal microdosing process for your unique needs, provide answers to all of your questions, and maximize your results by integrating microdosing with other personal development tools and practices. This is for those who want more personalized support at every stage of your microdosing journey.


Looking for high-quality microdosing supplies?

This depends on which country and state you live in and the legalities of your jurisdiction.

If you want a referral source to grow your own or for raw material, capsules, etc. I’m happy to direct you to the right place: Feel free to text 831-531-9638 with the word FUNGUS and they will respond with the detail on how to access high quality medicines.

Microdosing Club

You are invited to be a part of my inaugural Microdosing Club!

You will receive:

  1. Microdosing Journal/Tracker
  2. Neurotransmitter Questionnaire
  3. Microdosing/Mental Health Consultation and Coaching
  4. Mushroom Supplement = 4 weeks