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Learn to lower stress, embrace wellness as a lifestyle, manage overwhelm, and discover exactly what to focus on.

Who is The Mentor Community for?

• This is for individuals wanting to learn how to live in harmony with the seasons
• For those who want to learn how to truly take care of themselves in a holistic way
• Those who want to be able to ask questions to your doctor, naturopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc. and never have enough time during your sessions or can’t afford it
• Those who wish to make connections and be in a community of people focused on personal wellness
• Any individual at any stage of health
• For those who feel “stuck” in some sort of way and not sure what to do
• For those who want to learn and embrace a winning mindset, improve on leadership skills, find motivation, develop more confidence


dr LeTa sitting at her clinic in front of chinese herb cabinet

A community of empowerment, inspiration and education with Dr. LeTa

Is this membership right for you?

Live on Zoom

Dr. LeTa goes live in the private membership community every week. This is your opportunity to interact with her, get your questions answered, hear from other members and continue to learn nutrition and lifestyle modifications. This is a wonderful time to connect with other members, be supported and get inspired to stay on track!

What your community subscription includes:

• Access to the Private Community
• Invaluable Education on How to Take Care of Yourself each Season
• Live Q&A with Doctor LeTa
• Time Tested Self-Care Strategies
• Foods, Herbs & Supplements for each season
• Accountability
• Inspiration
• Holistic & Integrative Approach
• Support in making personal lifestyle changes that stick
• Connecting with others
• Instead of searching google for answers for your symptoms and health goals, get access to one of the most sought-after doctors of our time
• and so much more

Your time is NOW for greater Wellness.

Some areas we discuss during the Mentor Membership:

Mental Wellbeing
Mind, Brain, Cognition

Better Energy
All Qi is not created equal. Learn to harness & sustain better energy

Lymphatic System, Weight Gain, Fatigue and more

Diet, Herbs and Lifestyle to prevent aches and pains + prevention

Learn tools to lower your cortisol + have relaxed energy

Hormonal Health
All Aspects of Hormonal Balancing

Financial Literacy
Learn how to have a healthy relationship with money

Heart Health
All things Heart, Cardiovascular & Blood-Related

Sleep Issues

Learn how to get the best sleep you can + wake up rested

Functional Fitness
Learn how to move your body in ways that feel good

Digestive Issues
All Gastro-Intestinal Symptoms

Cleanse & Detox
Learn medically-safe ways to clean out toxins + prevent disease

Holistic approaches when your body attacks itself

Unexplained Symptoms
Chinese Medicine explains allopathic unexplained sx

Feng-Shui for Health: learn how to embrace a time-tested approach