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Forget your old ideas. Forget the lies they told you. Forget them all, and you will begin to remember. -- Marianne Williamson

dr LeTa sitting at her clinic in front of chinese herb cabinet

 Dr. LeTa Jussila


My private practice has changed through the years to address modern ailments that I am seeing with my patients. I always approach all patients with the beautiful lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I also run lab tests and genetic testing for preventative measures to help me make more accurate (alongside with my education and experience) in the areas of herbal medicine, nutrition, supplementation, cannabis and microdosing. 

I help patients a lot with mindset. I believe our thoughts, how we name our experiences, our habits, how we feel and so on, all stem from our core beliefs and this creates our own unique reality which then informs the place we live our lives from. 

As a doctor, I feel it is important to know who I can help and who I cannot. I must understand the benefits and limitations of my field and have an ability to always see my patients clearly in order to discern the best approach for you in the moment. I believe the connections I can make allow for efficient change and am currently open to being contacted for new patients, interviews and collaborations.

To your health and happiness,

Dr. LeTa