Start With Yourself

This is a 8-Week commitment to fine-tuning your food, supplements, movement program, self-care practices, sleep habits and mentoring you to being a positive force for good.

You will assess and get a clear sense of where you at right now in all areas of your health and life. You will then see the most efficient approach for you to move into a flow state so you can focus on what matters to you.

From questionnaires and foundational knowledge and utilizing many different approaches and disciplines, Dr. LeTa’s intent is for you to sleep restfully, maintain cognitive clarity for decision making, sustained energy, and optimize the right movement, sleep hygiene, food, herbs, and supplements and more.

You did not get here overnight. Some of you may be seeing multiple practitioners or guessing which foods, herbs, and supplements to take.

Some of you may be putting off dealing with an issue.

Some of you may be taking in too much caffeine, sugar, alcohol, or cannabis.

Dr. LeTa works WITH you, without judgment, and with her help, you can keep the things you enjoy in your life and remove the things that you are ready to let go of.

Course Details

  • Weekly Upgraded Wellness Teachings
  • Embodiment Practices
  • Health Assessments
  • Suggested Food as Medicine plan
  • Suggested Supplement Protocol
  • Suggested Herbal Medicine
  • Suggested Self-Care Strategies
  • Holistic suggestions for an upgraded life
  • Community, Inspiration, Accountability, and Motivation

What you will learn will be a game changer for you to live your best life.

My vision is to live in an interconnected, sustainable and just world where all people are given what they need to live a thriving, healthy, happy life. I contribute to this vision by using the proven history of Chinese Medicine, modern science of biohacking and clinical research to educate women on how to upgrade their bodies and minds and to understand how to get in and stay in Qi flow — which allows you to live in harmony with all things so every day can be authentic, connected and creatively satisfying. 

I remind individuals of their innate power to make meaningful changes to achieve a higher quality of life. Through specific strategies, knowledge, technology, resources, and self-experimentation, I believe that we can create healthier, informed, harmonious, abundant, and thriving lives of optimal health and peak performance. 


The ways I help you get results through my 8-week program is by utilizing the best of modern medicine and measuring what we can measure, and also including Traditional Chinese Medicine’s brilliance of seeing every person as an individual. To give you more specific details, here is my approach to health in this program:

Step 1: Assessment
: Health Systems Survey, Toxicity Questionnaire, Lifestyle Exposure Questionnaire, Wheel Of Life + Self Check-In Worksheet, Life Intent/Mission/Purpose + Current Goals Worksheets

Step 2: Wellness Food Plan, Detox Or Fasting Protocol If Necessary, Physical Movement Plan, Recommended Supplement Protocol, Herbal Medicine Suggestions, And Self-Care Plan / Habits Fine-Tuning Suggestions

Step 3: Will Give Education, Inspiration, Community As You Are Implementing And Incorporating The Changes You Want

Step 4: ContinueTo Fine-Tune, Pivot, And Celebrate.



I do this because our current medical system is a business model for sickness, not wellness.

I do this because the 1 appointment a year with your doctor is not a healthcare plan.

I do this because the internet has played a role in confusing the consumer about what to buy.

I do this because I want to help women break this cycle of exhaustion and overwhelm.

I do this because I have a passion for inspiring individuals around taking better care of themselves. 

I do this because women do not understand their own sexual and creative energy and how to cultivate and use it for good.

I do this because there are people out there who need my gifts and wisdom and it is an honor and privilege to serve them by offering this program.

Answers To Your Questions

You will be charged once for  when you Register and another charge of the same amount 4 weeks later. You will not be charged again, just twice in total.

This 8-week wellness program is for those who really want to assess where they are at in their health and learn what to do to change the course. It is educational and you will learn things in this program you can apply to your life every day moving forward.

Those who are trapped in a medical mindset and do not desire to free themselves from these limitations. Those who are not willing to act on self-care and fine-tuning their habits to feel better.

No date at this point.

After the Chinese New Year.

The content is delivered through Zoom, emails, Facebook Group and through phone and/or text messages.

The content is based on Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and all the other wisdom I have learned in studying medicine the past 20 years plus my life experience.

I will be going over Foundational Knowledge, you will be doing some Assessments (Health Questionnaires), then from those baselines you will know what is best to focus on. I will then go over how to fine-tune those specific areas and you will start implementing. 

I will give you education, inspiration, there is a community to support you and cheer you on, celebrate your wins as you continue to become the best version of YOU.

It is a Taoist Embodiment Practice that is also called Qi Gong or a Moving Meditation. It is required that you participate, but I highly suggest it!

I can guarantee that if you show up and start implementing some changes, you will FEEL differently. If for some reason you are not getting the results you want or thought the program was something different, I am happy to have a conversation around the time and energy you have put in and if for some reason you are not feeling better, I may apply a credit for any other services and upcoming classes and programs I offer. And just to note – not one person has asked for a refund from the thousands of folks I have worked with, but I am absolutely invested in long-term relationships and my desire is that you create the changes you want to see with my support and mentorship.

Absolutely. Here are some things I will be covering.

It may seem like a lot or it may be just what you are looking for.
Either way, we won’t be working on EVERYTHING.
Our Assessment will direct us to where you need to focus on, which is usually 2 -3 main areas. 
  • Foundational Knowledge
  • Your Deepest Intention/Goal
  • Your current values
  • Your current state (assessments)
  • Mindset Plan/Approach
  • Habits Upgrade
  • Food as Medicine/Fuel Plan
  • Herbs and Supplements Recommendations
  • Move/Flow Program Design
  • Play/Creativity Brainstorm
  • Rest/Sleep Hygiene
  • Recommended treatments, self-care practices


We will look at your Relationships with…

  • Career
  • Money
  • Personal Growth/Mindset
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Physical Environment
  • Family: Mother/father/siblings
  • Personal Relationship:
  • Partner/Romance
  • Your children if you have them
  • Contribution
  • Community/Friends
  • Creativity/self-expression
  • Communication
  • Mental: brain clarity, focus, memory, being present, etc.
  • Emotional: how do you feel in your day?
  • Spiritual: are you doing it all alone or are you connected to something?
  • Physical: pain? Limited?
  • Sexual energy (understanding, harnessing, using)


We are going to be checking in with your Body Systems

  • Digestion
  • Large intestine
  • Immune system
  • Vitamin b Deficiency
  • Pituitary gland
  • Adrenal glands 
  • Heart
  • Liver and gall bladder 
  • Allergies
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Thyroid gland
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Female and male hormones 


Vital Signs

  • Blood pressure
  • Breathing rate
  • Heart rate
  • Menstrual cycle


And I will be helping you fine-tune your 3 main areas:


  • Breathing
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Foundational diet
  • Non-toxic Environment – external
  • Detoxification and fasting 


Structure (Physical)

  • Exercise (move and increase Qi)
  • Sleep, rest and relaxation


Mind and Spirit (Emotional)

  • Being present and doing nothing
  • Moderation
  • Play
  • Meditation, contemplation and prayer (divine feminine energy)
  • Relationships
  • Contribution

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