Start With Yourself

This is an 8-Week commitment to fine-tuning your food, supplements, movement program, self-care practices, sleep habits and mentoring you to being a positive force for good.

Dr. LeTa will get a clear sense of where you at right now. She will then come up with the most efficient approach for you to move into a flow state so you can focus on what matters to you.

From running labs and genetic testing, and utilizing many different approaches and disciplines, Dr. LeTa’s intent is for you to sleep restfully, maintain cognitive clarity for decision making, sustained energy, and optimize the right food, herbs, and supplements.

You did not get here overnight. Some of you may be seeing multiple practitioners or guessing which foods, herbs, and supplements to take.

Some of you may be putting off dealing with an issue.

Some of you may be taking in too much caffeine, sugar, alcohol, or cannabis.

Dr. LeTa works WITH you, without judgment, and with her help, you can keep the things you enjoy in your life and remove the things that you are ready to let go of.

Program Details

  • Mentorship Coaching – Live on Zoom
  • Weekly Upgraded Wellness Teachings
  • Private Smart Phone App
  • Unlimited phone, text and email support
  • Weekly Group Zooms 
  • Optional Lab Testing
  • Optional Genetic Testing
  • Customized Food as Medicine plan
  • Individualized Supplement Protocol
  • Suggested Herbal Medicine
  • Suggested Self-Care Strategies
  • Unique and holistic suggestions for an upgraded life
  • Community, Inspiration, Accountability and Motivation

We are now accepting applications for the August 21st Cohort.